“Swearing is unattractive” I’m not attractive anyway so fuck off

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im afraid my online friends are gonna meet me in person and be like “oh”

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on the way home after concerts with your friend like 


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the best part about blogging is that no one actually knows if youre naked or not

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Album Art

So naive
I keep holding on to what I want to believe
I can see
But I keep holding on and on and on and on

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Do you want to create an emotionally stable life together and adopt a dog or nah.

"If you ask a Mexican child in the first grade ‘why the hell are you eating a taco’ he’s going to go home and ask for a peanut butter sandwich."

My professor on losing your identity as a kid (via lasfloresdemayo)


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im so angry

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!!!!! Or to a black child “why is your hair like that?”

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